Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.“Dr. Seuss

Dr Danica Radovanović is a digital media specialist, digital equality advisor, and international consultant in digital media with over 10 years of experience serving a variety of clients from international and local government agencies to non-governmental organisations and small and medium-sized businesses. She has practical and research experience related to: digital inclusion, social media, online communication and publishing, ICT for education, and 21st century digital literacies, collaborative Web projects and platforms, R&D, Semantic web/metadata. Danica pioneered the development of first listservs in the 90′s, conducted the electronic magazine in 2001 (and then in 2011), created the first institutional science blog in Balkans, worked on the innovation projects.

Danica has multicultural professional background; she worked for the United Nations as Information management specialist and coordinator on UN/EU project on technology, web, and science. She was lecturer at the School of Web Journalism, supported by Rising Voices, Berkman Center; also worked for the Wikimedia – Wikimania Program committee organization and was co-programme organizer WWW2016 (one of many conferences), Library of Congress – Washington DC, Geisel – USCD, San Diego, among several other similar positions.

She is a Master studies Alumna of UNC-SILS (Fulbright Scholar) at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and PhD Chevening Scholar of University of Oxford, Oxford Internet Institute. She holds a PhD at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad. Danica conducts research on social media use among young adults, digital divide, collaboration and communication practices on the Internet. Danica writes for the Scientific American blog and Global Voices Online, and was the editor in chief of Australian Science.

Currently, Dr Danica is serving as a digital equality advisor at the Basic Internet Foundation, based in Norway; also, she is one of the foundation fellows. She is a Board member advisor at the ICAF (International Child Art Foundation). Danica provides consulting to both the government and non-government sectors. She is an experienced mentor – working with clients on all continents, successfully mentoring and working with students and young adults. For consultations, questions, mentoring, and inquiries – please use contact info.

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Media and Interviews with Danica:

Can Facebook bring internet access to the entire world? (2016)

Digital Serendipities in Southeastern Europe (2011)

ScienceOnline’09 – interview with Danica Radovanovic (2009)

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