Which one is better: YouTube or Google Video?

According to the source of Wall Street Journal Google is about to buy popular online video site YouTube for about $1.6 billion.Though Google Video (beta version) is working all the way, the fact is that popular YouTube and its users watch more than 100 million videos daily. Quoting the other source, the company’s chief executive, Chad Hurley, said that the company was not for sale and a future initial public offering was possible.

Until then watch and learn and dont’t be threaten by this!


  1. Mirko says:

    I guess that we won’t have to ask that question anymore… so which one is better? Yougle or Gootube?

  2. Danica says:

    Indeed, not.
    Neither is better.
    But as a lingustic puzzle, some new names came across to my mind (as I saw somewhere mentioned Gotube) maybe GUBE?? (though, it’s already taken (:

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