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Networking and participating: Social media for scientists

Tomorrow morning I’m giving an hour session for scientists who want to get familiar with collaborative social media tools for the next three days of the conference ScienceOnline. You know that I was here [Research Triangle Park, NC] last year and that we talked about open access in developed countries, now with the accelerating emerge of participative media and their implementation in everyday life, including any professional area, there are some normative literacy’s to embrace in order to communicate and contribute.

As you know I do not make presentations in a classic way, with too much (or none) words, since this is workshop I will be demonstrating and practice interaction with people who are attending and will report, network and micro blog in the next few days on ScienceOnline2010.

Slide are uploaded on SlideShare, they are fluid in a way that I will add/talk/address/demo other issues on social media, social networks and science.

Summer updates

Before I go for so long needed vacation [still have no clue where exactly yet, send suggestions, so far got invitation for Corfu and other places around Serbia], I have tons of things to finish.

Some of then include ICSD2009 and reviewing process, finalizing AP using foaf that implied people and networking, following up with EU/UN project, fare-welling with Rome, moving (again), and then coping with administration due to my future travels and government [I may hire an assistant in Belgrade],  writing chapters for a book in co-authorship (more about it here) ideally at some beach, and then heading to UK.  My contact email will be active as I’ll have the Interwebs here and there, but don”t expect prompt reply (especially if I’m on the beach).

For Serbian readers, I have blog in Serbian and feed to subscription. Yes – expect more updates on social media focused on Serbia, follow me on Twitter for daily updates, and here’s the latest interview with me on – enjoy and happy summer!

Chemical pollution Pancevo- Belgrade?

It happened three days ago: Pancevo, ONLY 10 kilometers (6 miles) east of the Belgrade, prompting thousands of residents to remain indoors as levels of benzene and chlorine in the air soared to 10 times higher than normal.The factories were heavily bombarded during the 1999 NATO air attacks on Serbia over the Kosovo conflict, causing leakage and contamination of both the air and land. Demonstrations were held in Pancevo and Belgrade as well and those who live in downtown of Belgrade, I am recommending you not to go out (though there is no official alert in Belgrade, as I just came from outside, and the toxins in the air make your breath shortnened and strange feeling the lungs.

…and students protest on existing degrees & Bologna Declaration

Story on Serbia continues…Today at 1pm, Conference at University of Belgrade, with participants of all state and private universities in Serbia will discuss on accepting the official document for indentation of the existing ‘graduate’ and ‘master’ degree. On the other hand, students organized protest in front of the Plato – Faculty of Philosophy. They require indentation of these two degrees, decrease of student scholarships and some other issues. What will be with students that acquired their graduate and master degree diplomas before Bologna declaration, I hope we will find out soon, as I was this morning at the Dean’s and Postgraduate office at University, and no one is giving any definite information. Here is the link for Department of Education and Skills of Bologna Secretariat with relevant documents for each European country.

Blogging workshop weekend

From GNU Linux Center in Belgrade: GNU center started realization of the project that is aimed to train small group students of journalism and independent journalist in blogging about activities in their communities.  Bloggers will have their own sites and will be trained how to use blogs, make them searchable and accessible for people with special needs.   They will be trained on ethics of journalism and democratic moderation of their blogs. Workshop will last 3 days and this weekend I was invited to give a little ‘contribution’ (as an old blogger, now in 5th series), help /train/direct them with my blogging modest experience(: