Taking the digital sabbatical

I just returned from the winter holidays that I used to practice some time offline, the so called digital sabbatical. Around this time of the year, and a couple of times during the year in general, I take a time off social media and email, to reset myself and prepare for the next phase for work and interaction online. I do  keep my phone for calls and texts, though internet interaction is on hold during this time. Why do I practice this?

We live in times where our attention is being hacked. Our brains are being fragmented and distracted. And we are not paying enough attention to what is literally in front of us, often because of this and we need to detox from all kinds of things, including the digital one.

What did I do when I wasn’t online? I read books, spent time with my family, made some art, painted, watched films I missed in 2017 (Atomic Blonde is still my fav for ’17), series (Black Mirror, Master of None, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), listened to music – all offline. Now, I’m back to my regular online routine and social interactions.

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