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As I was awaken for the one meeting ( useful and brainstroming), then the other meeting, running through one part of the city to the other (downtown, my base: i like:) , I found out on the Board meeting of (meta)MediaWiki, many interesting facts and things: ‘am i the one who started the story on semantic web‘?, as well that some talks on intiative – Semantic media wiki and Meta Media.wiki projects, with plans for the next year (though’support’ in this is needed!). Good thing (stats) : Serbian WikiMedia (40/24 founders) has wider board than French (19 members) and Swiss Wikimedia (26 board members) and immediately got message from one of the Swiss admins’ (slade). Anyway, here’s the link to special photo i made Oscar Van Dillen last weekend (with German sticker on his laptop for wikipedia) – <promise to upload wikicommons.org>. And how the day continued – read above the post.

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