New book: Divertimento for the four seasons

My first book of short stories has arrived!! Thanks to everyone who supported me and participated in creating this book, family, and friends! Many thanks to the team of women who professionally and friendly helped me with the proofreading and graphic representation of the manuscript: Mrs Vesna Bašić, Dragana Bedov and Željka Bašič Stankov, thanks to Sanja Vukelić from KOV. Equally important, my gratitude for the support from the beginning from the professor of literature and editor Mihajlo Pantić and reviewer, writer and literary critic Vasa Pavković.

The book had its premiere at the International Book Fair in Belgrade, on the 27th of October 2022. It was an honour and a privilege to read one of my short stories from the book and I also received the blessing of the editor and my former literature professor. Thank you to everyone who came, I also did some signing. After the Book Fair, we will organize a separate promotion of the book.

International Book Fair, 2022
International Book Fair, 2022









I write short stories for over 25 years and I have published some in Anthologies of the best short stories in the past.

This is an author’s book in every sense, the cover, artwork and illustrations are the author’s, 100 stories are divided into 4 parts, 25 stories in each. The book contains works from anthologies of short stories from the 90s and 20s, as well as more recent works. I matured with this book, like this lotus on the cover. Without mud, there is no lotus…


How to order the book?

The book for now is in Serbo-Croatian language and it has 143 pages, and the author’s illustrations/artwork. You can order the book directly from me (with or without dedication). The print circulation is small and those interested in buying the book can write in DM on Instagram or email: Also, check the books page.

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