1. My blog is about going to and from between places – Πέρα δόθε“ (Pera thothe). I prefer the term ‘transhumance’ to nomadism. Humance derives from the latin for earth or ground – humus. Humans have become so preoccupied with speeding up their journeys that they have begun to blight their destinations – among other things with immense freeways and developing airports, but also by settlement patterns that destroy place by turning it into placeless sprawl and street design that gives greater attention to human movement than to human interaction. In the text below the image called mobilities see the work of Urry, but also Adams on ‘hypermobility’

    We are belatedly discovering the value of slow travel, giving greater attention to ‘access by proximity’ and slightly less attention to ‘access by mobility’. We are rediscovering the need for ‘place’. Those nomads who have no longer have a ‘village’ will often have a dream of one, even as those who feel trapped in small communities long to escape into the limbos that are part of restless wandering.

  2. […] field, as the 2009. was absolutely wonderful bringing lot of great events, people, awards, places I’ve been living/working, and the great adventures. I’m looking forward to 2010, hoping to be even better, as the same I wish to all of you who […]

  3. Henry Story says:

    But where should one settle? And why there, and not elsewhere? 🙂 I am always settling, just never for very long.

  4. Danica says:

    Lovely thoughts Simon, I guess I’m the other restless individua wandering and in the search for a place that will be my base for work and all those things I’ve been taken from all over the world. Those that needs to be stored and be present at that specific spot, as they are part of me, and part of my life and work.

    Henry, that is the question I’ve been asking myself lately. Hopefully, I defined geographically where I want and where I do not want to live. The important factor for choosing „that place“ for living and working, at least for me, are people. People that are friendly, inspiring, that I can create/communicate/have fun/you-name-it on everyday basis, the people that will be around me in physical space as well.

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