1. Ray Radlein says:

    He didn’t use hashtags or post anything afterward, but I received an earthquake tweet from Patrick Nielsen Hayden at almost the same time as yours.

    It was kind of impressive to see that it took just over an hour after your update and his for any earthquake news to make it to CNN.

  2. Mario says:

    „…first thing was grabbing the mobile and twittering about this “ Lol! Twitt or die! 🙂 Impressive! 🙂
    Great example of social web media!
    Anyway, AWESOME blog Danica! 🙂

  3. Danica says:

    Ray: yes, I guess I was one of the first twitter people broadcasting on the earthquake.
    It was too excited to even think about hashtags (:

    Thank you Mario.I am not that geek freak as it looks like (:

  4. lucap says:

    I arrived ‘late’ on the earthquake scene on apr 6, I tried to propose a unique hashtag (aquake09 – ) to make it easier to aggregate content specific to the event, but very few people seemed to ‘get’ how important this can be (or care about such trivial things confronted with emergency).

    Afterwards I ported to Twitter the latest italian earthquakes feed from INGV (follow @italyQuakes )


  5. lucap says:

    See a fully featured KML about the seismic sequence at:

    file is still being developed and enhanced, save it as a network link to automatically load the updates.

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  7. Chetan Patel says:

    Your post is really great and I appreciate your straight approach.

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