New publication in the Lancet: a special edition on Digital Health

I am proud to announce that the work of my colleagues and me have been published this spring (April 2020) at the Lancet’s issue on Digital Health. The title of the piece is Sub-Saharan Africa—the new breeding ground for global digital health, as a part of our DigI project in Tanzania.

You can download it for free.


Sub-Saharan Africa has become an emerging arena for digital health innovations directed at strengthening health care, in terms of both patient management and disease surveillance and prevention. Across the region with the world’s largest burden of disease and the most severe shortage of health-care workers, we see increased use of digital health solutions and interventions for clients, health-care providers, health-system managers, and data services. As the traditional health-care systems are typically ill-equipped, understaffed, or not accessible at all, sub-Saharan Africa is booming with digital health.

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